Strategic advice on business ethics and intercultural communication

Welcome to EthixAdvice - the consultancy that can help your organization deal with complex issues of business ethics and intercultural communication.

It is our aim to support your company in developing your unique ethical profile and effectively communicating it to the external and internal stakeholders.


What we do

We provide strategic advice on ethical and social issues that have impact on the company’s reputation, governance, stakeholder dialog, intercultural communication and organizational culture.
Helping your company to discover and fortify your unique ethical profile, we provide consultancy services on the following issues:

With EthixAdvice your organization will:

  • Win and keep public trust by communicating its unique ethical profile
  • Increase social and financial value by innovating its CSR vision and reporting
  • Sharpen its strategy by gaining insight into changing societal and political trends


Mission statement

A solid ethical business model is what it takes to secure the sustainable development of a company. EthixAdvice aims to add real value to the strategic decisions and to the public image of an ethically motivated corporation.


About EthixAdvice

EthixAdvice is an independent consultancy enterprise founded by dr. Olga Hoppe-Kondrikova, a highly motivated ethicist with a Ph.D. in practical philosophy and wide-ranging expertise in interactions between civil society, politics and the corporate sector.


Why EthixAdvice?

  • Combination of conceptual depth and practical application
  • Multi-disciplinary scope of consulting expertise
  • Direct communication and personal attention
  • Intercultural orientation and multilingual skills
  • Research and reporting according to academic standards


Briefings and events

Co-authoring an article about civil society and religion: 'Christian Social Doctrine East and West: the Russian Orthodox Social Concept and the Roman Catholic Compendium Compared'

De ontmoeting, the Netherland-Russia bilateral year 2013, Apeldoorn

Interview with Pokrof 'Burgerlijke samenleving en de Russisch-orthodoxe Kerk'
Kennislink 'Positie van NGO’s in Rusland blijft moeilijk'
Radio interview about Russian politics and society: NTR 5, programma Hoe?Zo!