Dr. Olga Hoppe-Kondrikova

The woman behind EthixAdvice is Olga Hoppe-Kondrikova. Born in Moscow (1980), Olga studied Religious Studies and English Linguistics (BA) at St. Tikhon's Theological University in Moscow. In 2001 she received the scholarship for the master program 'Intercultural Theology' at the Radboud University Nijmegen (RU), the Netherlands. In 2003 she graduated with honors and won for her MA thesis 'Nihilism - A Challenge to Modernity? Religious-Philosophical Implications of Nihilism in the Interpretations of Friedrich Nietzsche and Fyodor Dostoevsky' the award for the best master thesis of the year at the Faculty of Theology.

In 2004-2005 she followed the Ph.D. educational program 'Applied Ethics and Intercultural Theology' at the RU and University of Utrecht. Olga also obtained various grants, among others Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, for herĀ  international Ph.D. research project. Subsequently, she worked as a junior researcher at the Center for Ethics and the Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies at the RU. On 30 May 2012 Olga defended her doctoral dissertation Struggling for Civility. The Idea and the Reality of Civil Society. An Interdisciplinary Study with a Focus on Russia and received a Ph.D. degree in the field of practical philosophy and ethics.

Her passion became the all-embracing and often tricky concept of Ethics. Ethics at work in political, social and cultural life. Ethics at work in public attitudes, social behavior and strategic decisions. In July 2012 Olga started her own consultancy EthixAdvice wherein she conducts contract research projects and produces strategic advice in the field of business ethics and intercultural communication. Olga is married to David and has two sons, Daniel (2011) and Vadim (2013).

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What am I like as a professional?

  • A daring thinker

My approach is multi-disciplinary, which helps me find unconventional solutions and create new approaches. I have the courage to cross the boundaries of my knowledge and learn about new areas. I quickly filter information, get to the core of a problem, find an appropriate solution and move on. Best quality within limited time - that is my formula.

  • An emphatic speaker

Communicating my work to the public is as important as the work itself. I feel comfortable dealing with delicate political issues and sharing my views with various interested groups. In debate, I stay independent in my judgment, show respect to the concerned parties and keep focus on my message. I have an ability to condense complicated topics into a relevant and understandable set of messages and reach practical advice.

  • And a valuable team member

'Where am I headed?' - this question guides my life. I set my goals and this helps me to filter. My focus forces me to be efficient. This makes me a valuable team member - When others start to wander down other avenues, I bring them back to the main road. I keep everyone on point. Analysis has its uses, but only action is real, only action leads to performance.